Donate without cash

Fast, secure, touch-less payments.

An exciting new payment method for donations.

Goodbye cash and excuses. Collect donations and payments through mobile technology – even from a distance.

Manual Donation/Payment
payment methods

looking for donation solutions? makes it easy to receive donations securely however you need to collect: touch-less, cashless in person, on mobile, or online.

How it works. There's only 3 steps.

Step 1 Admin Center lets you create donation codes, custom to your locations and items

Step 2 Display donation codes on marketing (think on donation posters or sales boxes!)

Step 3 Donors view codes through a phone camera and are brought into our app to donate.

What’s the most common response to a request for donation? “Sorry, I don’t have any cash.” Numbers are on the downturn for fund raising and it needs to evolve to utilize modern payment methods: Credit Cards, VISA Debit Cards, Google Pay, Apply Pay, and more.

It’s time to start collecting donations easily – without the challenges. Dealing with cash has many negatives such as logistics of storage and collection, loss, theft, contact, creation & maintenance of containers. There is also a time-delay between donation and availability of the funds to the collecting organization.

It’s time to revolutionize your fund raising and start accepting electronic payments. The first step is talking to an consultant who can discuss your specific campaign and get you started right away. What’s more, there is no upfront cost to get going immediately.

It’s time for a easy, fast, secure, touch-less, no-install, no-obstacle electronic payment method. Yeah. That good.

Make the most of your fund raising efforts.